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The top photo to the right is off a power nozzle that we use on the petrol powerwasher on the photo above. It is jetted to suit this honda powered pressure washer and it is very powerful and brilliant for cleaning well adhered moss, algae and the green that forms on all outdoor surfaces. Newtownabbey and the surrounding areas of Glengormley, North Belfast and Carnmoney are all prone to the dredded green that forms a slippery unsightly covering. Even in areas that are closer to the coast like Jordanstown, Whiteabbey and Carrick no one is exempt from its affects. Powerwashing or pressure washing as some call it, is the quickest way to remove moss, algae and green from paths, patios and fences etc. Decking can become particularly slippery, but because the wooden decking tends to be soft wood we would normally use a fan nozzle to try and stop the wood from roughing up. Don't forget artificial grass is a cost effective way to rejuvenate a tired old deck that suffers from weathering or poorly adhered wood stains.
The photo to the right is of a flat surface cleaner it is great for power washing the likes of pavior bricks and other large flat surfaces such as driveways, patios, concrete slabs etc.

powerwashing in carrick
powerwashing at newtownabbey

There are other options to pressure washing and sometimes these are worth considering. There is strong bleach, hypocloride which also removes the green. It kills the moss to stop it forming new spores but does not take the old moss away however. The smell is powerful and harmful if it is breathed directly in. It can burn and is particularly dangerous to the eyes if it splashes up into your face when pouring it out of the twenty litre containers it comes in.
We tend to use proffessional products that are kinder to us, your home, your pets and the enviroment. These powerful products are not available over the counter and make short work of the green and can have a preventitive effect that lasts for up to three months.

pressurewashing alternative

One last thing to consider, sometimes we can have weed and moss growth because the joints in our paving is broken or missing. This allows deposits of dirt to form, which inturn become a seed bed for vegatative growth. We can re-joint using two main methods. Firstly is the good old fashioned wet jointing with mortar. This is often the best method especially if it is just bits that need repaired. Secondly there are jointing compounds that consist of tiny sand like granules. These are covered in resin and when hard go off like a rock. This resin based jointing can be applied in damp conditions, which is great news for us living here in northern Ireland.

Please give us a call to discuss the best means to keep your property looking the way you want it to.

paving in glengormey, co antrim
paving jointing in belfast

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